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These are the "racial" traits that the Treoxx apply to all of their bioid member species whenever they make their own versions of lifeforms based on collected tissue samples


1. Biological immortality - Treoxx do not experience senescence with increased age. It is unknown why the Treoxx find this desirable, but the trait does confer significant practical advantages in off-setting the need for care of chronic age-related disorders.

2. Regeneration - Treoxx can slowly recover from most injuries that are not immediately fatal, including regrowing lost limbs and organs in the course of a few Terran months.

3. Sterility - Individual Treoxx cannot reproduce. While Treoxx species retain the same anatomical and physiological primary and secondary sexual characteristics as their non-Treoxx counterparts, the Treoxx harvest and store the gametes of their members during fetal development. Biological Treoxx are grown in technological facilities, ectogenically.

4. Optimization - Because of all of the different species that the Treoxx have as their members, it would be impossible to list all of the different minor traits that the Treoxx have on a per species basis. In general however, Treoxx bioids have also had small modifications made to their genetic makeup such as removing genetic traits or mutations that would lead to diseases or disadvantageous characteristics.

5. Bionanological engineering - Bioid Treoxx have been genetically manipulated to produce a line of special immune cells in addition to the normal components of their physiological immune system. Their appearance and the way that they are produced depends on the Treoxx species in question, but they have several very complex and specialized roles ranging from conferring vastly improved disease resistance, wound care, and debridement.

This might also be the reason why bioid Treoxx do not seem to make use of cybernetic implants as these same immune components will also actively target and attack foreign objects within the body of Treoxx species, even those made out of inert materials. The cells will deposit themselves around the foreign object and eventually encase it in a film made out of themselves while secreting substances to immobilize it or corrode its components. The build up of these cellular "cysts" will eventually lead to the object being pushed out of the Treoxx individual entirely. This also comes with disadvantages as the immune reaction that would come with a larger cybernetic implant such as an artificial limb would likely be fatal for most bioid Treoxx.

Applied behaviors

These are behavioral patterns that the Treoxx have artificially "programmed" into their biological member species. This appears to be at the genetic level, specifically the genes involving neurological development, as even Treoxx embryo specimens collected from captured Treoxx propagational facilities will exhibit these traits.

1. In-group aggression inhibitory response - Bioid Treoxx seem to have a psychological "reset" behavior that prevents any sort of hostility or animosity towards their members. When the Treoxx organism's aggressive feelings reach a certain level towards another Treoxx, an neurological inhibitory response takes place that causes the Treoxx individual to suddenly become docile and immediately offsets patterns that would normally lead to conflict. This is why Treoxx intergroup aggression is practically non-existent.

This appears to be an innate behavior in regards to Treoxx species. The amount of psychogenetic modification that this would require to put in place in regards to changing the behavioral make-up of an organism would be quite extensive. However, the Treoxx appear to consider this to be quite an important trait, considering the diversity of their member species.

2. Bioarchived informatics - This is another very bizarre modification for Treoxx organisms. The Treoxx appear to store the sum of all of their information and knowledge as a race in the very genetic codes of their organisms. This is thought to be a literal "racial memory". All of their organisms, even their non-sentient members appear to have the same genes responsible for storing this information. However, to what degree Treoxx organisms can make use of or fully understand the knowledge encoded in their genes is highly dependent on how intelligent the Treoxx species is.

The archived information in a Treoxx organism's genetic code is imparted into its brain during its neurological development as an embryo, the extent being how complex the organism's neurological capabilities are. The Treoxx also appear to "update" themselves in-vivo as they develop technologically as a race. It is not known how they do this, but it is thought to be in the form of some sort of "vaccine" that they utilize periodically.

3. Interracial communication - As an offshoot of their genetic "racial knowledge", Treoxx can understand each other universally even if their means of expression across their member species varies widely.The Treoxx have different versions of their "language" that they utilize among themselves. The nature of Treoxx languages are extremely simple in their structure, and they all seem to be derived from a base-4 "quaternary" syntax. Due to the diversity of their biological members, not all Treoxx are physiologically capable of using the same methods of communication, so there are several variants of how different Treoxx organisms communicate.

4. Selective engagement - Strangely, bioid Treoxx are usually quite passive towards non-Treoxx in the absence of any perceived hostility or imminent danger. They will often ignore other beings right up until the point of being actively threatened. It is this particular trait that has allowed many Treoxx to be captured and taken prisoner for interrogation and biological study.    

Emergent behaviors

These are observed behaviors that Treoxx organisms have been observed engaging in. Unlike the specific behavioral patterns that the Treoxx have biogenetically applied to their member organisms, these seem to be traits that remain in Treoxx species that remain from their non-Treoxx progenitors.

1. Necrophagy - Carnivorous Treoxx will frequently engage in necrophagy of the remains of both enemy and their own dead cohorts. The behavior that prevents in-group aggression or predation among the Treoxx does not appear to apply to casualties. The Treoxx seem to be accepting of this, as they view this behavior as a form of utilization of otherwise wasted biological resources.

2. Cautiousness - Despite how dangerous the Treoxx are as perceived by their enemy factions, most Treoxx are actually quite timid towards aggressive non-Treoxx and are usually quite hesitant to engage with any hostile beings unless the odds are thought to be overwhelmingly in their favor. Even during skirmishes, Treoxx forces will often withdraw the moment they think that they are at a tactical disadvantage.

3. Curiosity - Many bioid Treoxx seem to be strangely fascinated with some of the artifacts that they have collected from non-Treoxx societies. Due to the fact that most warfare in the technology of this time period is almost entirely automated, biological soldiers in combat have been made almost entirely obsolete. The only presence of the Treoxx most non-Treoxx are familiar with are their fleets of autonomous assault and defensive craft in space, or their abioid transport ships.

For this reason, Treoxx bioids are rarely seen except for when factions attempt to invade their population centers directly. Even then, most of their enemies are loathe to take any Treoxx prisoner, preferring to shoot them on sight. For the Treoxx that survive, many of them will often scavenge whatever pieces of strange junk they can find, since their direct encounters with other beings is extremely limited.

4. Attachment - While the Treoxx have been traditionally characterized by outsiders as being little more than a colony of single-minded research organisms that has since become self-perpetuating, it has been observed that they often form strong emotional bonds with each other. It is not known as to what degree or to what purpose, but it is thought that this arises from the fact that their member species often retain the same pair-bonding behaviors as their non-Treoxx counterparts. The small amount of information that interrogated Treoxx have provided to interviewers suggests that the impression of the Treoxx as being dangerous animals is quite incorrect but any conclusions that can be derived about the Treoxx aggregate are inevitably highly controversial among researchers.


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While I normally try to keep quiet about my opinions on the whole Gamergate thing and raging social justice warriors quiet online, the treatment of the Honey Badger Brigade at the Calgary Expo last weekend was simply unacceptable any way that you look at it. The Honey Badger Brigade is an all-female group that is affiliated with the MRA movement and its members have a weekly show on YouTube talking about MRA and politics related to gender issues. Regardless of whether you agree with their political opinions or not, the Honey Badgers simply went to the Calgary expo so that Alison Tieman, one of their members could promote her science fiction comic at one of the booths that they had rented at the Calgary expo. Nobody said anything about their booth, and they did not push any sort of political agenda but the Honey Badgers including Alison Tieman were thrown out of the Calgary expo after Alison Tieman dared to respond to a question asked of her by a discussion panel in which she actually ASKED permission from the panel if she could field the question and they said yes.

Alison stood up and politely addressed the question and explained her position on why she was an MRA and what the Honey Badgers stood for. She was not confrontational, and she spoke in a very calm and polite manner and then sat down. There was no argument or heated commentary and recorded soundbytes of Alison Tieman explaining her position can be heard from various sources confirming this, such as this recording of Alison speaking posted by MundaneMatt that can be heard starting at 1:24 in the video:

About an hour after the discussion, Alison and the Honey Badgers were approached by a security guard telling them to turn off all recording equipment or devices first. After doing this, the guard said that they got a lot of complaints about their demeanor and that a lot of people were being made uncomfortable by their presence. They were promptly expelled from the expo,  as well as any future expos in Canada held by the company, and it was almost like the company wanted to hide the fact that it was throwing them out from the other expo-goers. None of their money that they paid for out of their own pocket was refunded. As if that was not enough, somebody had the audacity to call the police on them when they tried having a picnic in a nearby public park for holding a "disruptive" protest, as apparently, having a barbecue and eating sandwiches is crossing the line. The picnic was approached by an officer driving a police van as if he was expecting some sort of scene. While the matter was cleared up without incident, it shows the sorts of leadership in charge of the Calgary expo.

Alison Tieman and her cohorts were bullied and harassed by the very same people who claim to stand for the rights of free speech as well as the representation of women and minority groups, yet their actions show a stark contrast to their stated words. Alison's career as a comic book writer might well be permanently damaged by this seeing as how this might have lasting negative effects on her reputation within science fiction and fantasy convention goers. While I am not an "MRA" per se, I am sympathetic to some of their viewpoints, and considering the direction that the social justice warriors have been going, they might well have a point. SJWs largely seem to be a revolting bunch of smug, tyrannical agitators who constantly obsess over meaningless first world problems all the while being blind to how spoiled they are and harassing anybody who dares to question their narrative.


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